Monday, October 7, 2013

Top Domains for Sale

Premium Domain Names for Sale

Some worth hundreds!
Some worth thousands! 

Why am I selling these top domains?

I'm a school teacher. 
I want to start my own tutoring business online.
That takes money for the necessary start-up costs.
My husband just discovered that he will no longer be employed after 
30 years of faithful service due to a take-over at the firm he's worked for. 

He has no retirement benefits. He's 56 and had colon cancer surgery last year.
 He has no retirement income.

If you win the domain name, you will pay me HALF through Paypal
or some other agreed upon processor such as Solid Trust Pay, Egopay, etc. 
and then I will quickly go through the process 
of transferring the GoDaddy domain to you.

  When you see that the domain transference has begun, you will pay the other HALF of the agreed amount. Fair enough? 

If you're in the market for a top quality, useful domain me at with Domain Name as the subject and I'll remove it from Sedo.  These are all GoDaddy domain names. They have all had traffic to them at some time or another. Some are linked to businesses and some are not. You are buying JUST the domain name. 

Some are currently being used for affiliate sites. Some are earning cash by being parked with Sedo. 

You could do what you wish with your domain names. I will consider all serious offers for the whole lot!